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Curriculum internationalization is an important and constant focus for SUMC. We strongly believe that an international learning environment is critical in preparing our students to be successful professionals in today's increasingly multicultural and interdependent global society.

Internationalization at SUMC takes form through various activities, such as bilingual medical courses, foreign language courses, study-abroad programs, international internships, international research collaboration, staff exchange and international conferences. In addition, we are continuously recruiting foreign faculty and staff to join our team and help us further improve the quality of medical education.

One of the important means to achieve internationalization at SUMC is to enhance students' overall English capabilities. Following the successful introduction of the "English Immersion Program" and various mandatory, English-taught or bilingual modules throughout our curriculums, we have taken a further step forward in the internationalization of our teaching by establishing an English-based medical program in 2007. The program is conducted in English, combined with established international textbooks as reference materials, and student performance is assessed in the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). SUMC has selected students from the English-based program to take the USMLE exams starting from 2012. The pass rates of our students in the USMLE Step 1 have remained over 92% in the past seven years. This unique program was designed as a voluntary, but intensive and competitive program based on a knock-out system: only the very best students can enroll and proceed in this performance-based program, enjoying full tuition fee sponsorship and several other extra's provided by the Li Ka Shing Foundation.

Presently we are developing several new initiatives to enhance the internationalization of our College. Ambitious targets have been set to substantially diversify our student body composition by gradually admitting and enlarging the enrollment of foreign students.

In the meantime, we will continue to strengthen and deepen existing academic collaborations, and set up new international relationships. We are always interested in exploring possibilities for new institutional collaborations, and we warmly welcome interested parties to contact us.

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