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Father of Artificial Cells Prof. Thomas M.S. Chang Joins Our Hospital’s Academician Workstation


On December 6, Prof. Thomas M.S. Chang, Emeritus Professor of McGill University, Fellow of Royal College Physicians of Canada and Fellow of The Royal Society of Canada visited SUMC’s First Affiliated Hospital and signed a cooperation agreement for artificial cells related research from basic science to clinical applications, adding a new academician workstation to the hospital.

The signing ceremony was chaired by Tan Xuerui, Dean of the Medical College and Director of First Affiliated Hospital, Liu Wenhua, Vice President of the university, Dean Tan Xuerui of the medical college, Chen Yongsong, Vice Director of the First Affiliated Hospital, welcomed Prof. Chang and held discussions on the cooperation between the two sides. Prof. Chang expressed his wishes to help improve healthcare, scientific research and talent training in Shantou. He also hoped to work with the other academicians of the hospital to promote innovation in biomedical engineering.     

Prof. Chang, M.D., Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus of Physiology, Medicine and Biomedical Engineering, and Director of Artificial Cells & Organs Research Centre, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University. He is known as the Father of Artificial Cells.

 While an honor B.Sc. student at McGill University, no one took Chang’s proposal for artificial cells seriously. He prepared some preliminary artificial cells on his own in his dormitory room and was then allowed to complete this in the teaching laboratory for his required honor research project (Chang, Hon B.Sc. research report, 1957). He continued this research in medical school then Ph.D. (Chang Science 1964, Nature 1971, Nature 1978. Artificial Cells Monograph 1972) and for the rest of his research career to the present with 560 full papers. (references and full texts available at www.medicine.mcgill.ca/artcell ).

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