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Research at SUMC

SUMC is a major medical research base in southern China with several important research centers, research units and key laboratories. With state-of-the-art facilities and equipment at our disposal, our international teams of first-rate scientists have been able to make significant scientific contributions and breakthroughs.

The past few years have shown a dramatic growth in our research activity at SUMC, both in terms of range of research areas, quality of work and outcome. New research centers and international collaborative programs have been set up or are in the process of being set up, attracting domestic and foreign faculty. Records were set for the total number of externally funded projects, as well as the total amount of national and provincial funding obtained.

In the future we expect a continuation of these trends in terms of progressive quality and quantity of our research work. We will continue to actively build on the development of a truly international and multidisciplinary research base at SUMC. Viewed in a broader context, whilst contributing to science and healthcare as a whole, this will also allow us to further advance the quality of medical education at our College.

Students are also actively involved in our research activities, as the strengthening of their research abilities forms an important part of our educational model. We have set up special funds to encourage our undergraduate and graduate students to participate in research activities, and several laboratories at our school have opened their doors for students from all levels.


Contact details and map


SUMC central campus

Shantou University Medical College

No. 22 Xinling Road

Shantou, 515041

Guangdong Province

People's Republic of China


SUMC on Shantou University campus

Shantou University Medical College

No. 243 Daxue Road

Shantou, 515063

Guangdong Province

People's Republic of China




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