Analytical Cytology Laboratory

The Analytical Cytology Laboratory was established in 1997 as an important branch of SUMC's immunopathology laboratory, a Guangdong provincial level key laboratory.

We are responsible for education in the field of analytical cytology to undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students. Our curriculum includes specialized course modules on cell culture, cell technology, medical scientific research methods, and electron microscopy.

We are highly active in scientific research on environmental medicine and environmental toxicology. Our main research interests are:

  • developmental effects of prenatal and early postnatal exposure to pollutants (heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants);
  • health hazards and disease outcome in populations exposed to environmental toxicants;
  • mechanisms involved in and the relationship between environmental pollutants and diseases such as birth defects, carcinoma, nervous system diseases, and cardiovascular diseases.

Since 2007, our papers have been published in many well-known environmental health journals worldwide, such as Environmental Health Perspectives, Environmental Science & Technology, Environment Research, Science of the Total Environment, Neurotoxicology, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, International Journal of Hygiene and Environment Health, Journal of Environmental Monitoring, Neurochemical Research, and Toxicology Letters. For a list of recent publications of SUMC, including those of the Analytical Cytology Laboratory, please click here.

Our team currently consists of five staff members. The laboratory is headed by director Prof. Xia Huo. It has extensive and state-of-the art facilities and equipment.

Contact details Director: Prof. Xia Huo Address: Analytical Cytology Laboratory   Shantou University Medical College   22 Xinling Road, Shantou, 515041   Guangdong Province, P.R.C. Telephone: +86 (0)754 8890 0454 / 8890 0397 / 8890 0428 E-mail:

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SUMC central campus

Shantou University Medical College

No. 22 Xinling Road

Shantou, 515041

Guangdong Province

People's Republic of China


SUMC on Shantou University campus

Shantou University Medical College

No. 243 Daxue Road

Shantou, 515063

Guangdong Province

People's Republic of China


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