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As an institution of advanced medical training, we bear a manifest responsibility to utilize our knowledge and expertise in a way that directly benefits society, and especially those who are in need of medical care but may not be able to get what they need by themselves. To put it briefly, we strongly feel it is our duty to make health community service a priority among our students and staff.

Thanks to our unique relationship with the Li Ka Shing Foundation, we have been able to realize and institutionalize this ambition. Over the last few years, several thousands of our students, health care workers and faculty members, both domestic and foreign, have been actively involved in various charitable health programs set up by the foundation, serving the community by providing the sick and needy medical services, pain relief services, nursing care, and psychological support.

Participation in the above programs provides our students with the unique and highly rewarding opportunity to discover, develop, increase and demonstrate their care and concern for those in need thereof. At the same time, it allows them to gain valuable work experience and improve their professional skills. It enhances their social awareness, and deepens their understanding of medical ethics and its implications in real-life situations, thus contributing to their overall competence. For all these reasons, we see it as our mission to encourage and realize an even greater participation by our students and staff in these health service projects.


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SUMC central campus

Shantou University Medical College

No. 22 Xinling Road

Shantou, 515041

Guangdong Province

People's Republic of China


SUMC on Shantou University campus

Shantou University Medical College

No. 243 Daxue Road

Shantou, 515063

Guangdong Province

People's Republic of China




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